n 2002, Dr. Jason Renville, Ph.D., disembarked in the US with a few hundred dollars and a bag full of dreams. He arrived from Guyana, South America to continue his education. That bag full of dreams led him to open many doors in reality. Dr. Renville is a renowned Author, prolific Speaker and dynamic Kingdom Influencer, but he prefers to be championed as a coach and cheerleader to individuals who’ve accepted the challenge to become architects of their authenticity.

Dr. Renville is the Founder and CEO of Jason Renville International and Co-Founder, alongside his wife Jenny, of the Goshen Safe Haven Community Development Center, GSHCDC. He holds degrees from the University of Guyana, the Bentley Coaching Institute and a doctorate from
Florida Theological University. With a background in theology, counseling, organizational leadership, human development and governmental studies, Dr. Renville is overflowing with spiritual wisdom and pours directly into people from all walks of life who benefit from his divine teachings and advisory. He’s been a keynote speaker at a multitude of engagements and has written two books. Dr. Renville’s passion for his work is only surpassed by his love for his family. He currently lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife of 13 years, and their three children, Victoria, Judah, and Jason.


Embracing Your Mark of Authenticity

A Creed to Humanity

Burying yourself in the grave of somebody else’s opinions, judgments, suggestions, ideologies, personal-perceptions and philosophy will cut you off from manifesting the highest expression of which you are created to be in this lifetime.

Bring My Soul Out of Prison

Revive, Renew and Restore the Mind

Dr. Renville unveils key kingdom principles that have the power to unleash the imprisoned “soul out of prison of prison” and return it to its original state of freedom and dominion. As you begin to understand and apply these kingdom principles, you will be delivered to sustainable realms of freedom for your soul.

Kingdom Influencer.

perating in your validity, walking in your purpose and living out the blueprint God has made for you allows you to impress on individuals. As a consultant, teacher, preacher and life coach, not only in the areas of personal and organizational but in the ecclesiastical arena, Dr. Renville is widely regarded as a prolific facilitator making dynamic impacts in the Kingdom realm.

His superb understanding of apostolic and prophetic dimensions have given him the ability to disperse God’s anointing on a myriad of platforms. Dr. Renville has impacted individuals via workshops, life-changing events, counsel and advisory. He’s helped executives, educators, entrepreneurs, communities, pastors, students, leaders and he can help you, too. Are you ready for a spiritual confirmation that delivers reality transformations? Then you are ready to be influenced by Dr. Renville.

Leadership Lab.

t the turn of the 21st century, major corporations, organizational entities and even some powerful nations within our global village discovered that scientific forms of leadership, top-up heavy systems of management and governance, were quickly failing and modern leadership styles were steadily being incorporated or were replacing the former within the corridors POWER.

Our comprehensive and modern approach to leadership assessment, training, and development provides participants with in-depth knowledge, thematic practicums where applicable, and practical tools they need to leverage best leadership practices individually, organizationally, nationally, and globally.

Why we are different, targeted, and set apart from the rest of the leadership conversation?

e integrate a modern, compelling, and pragmatic system of operation and governance for our leadership models. We combine and examine psychosocial, organizational, and structural forms of leaderships which will land us into the corridors of Sustainable Leadership Development, or simply stated, LEADERSHIP WHICH MAKES SENSE AND WORKS FOR EVERYONE ACROSS THE BOARD IN REAL TIME!!

As we consider some cutting- edge forms of leadership styles, we do a brief recap of scientific forms of leadership for analysis purposes as we begin to table the following:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Sustainable Leadership

Do not hesitate, contact me today for your leadership needs!

Global Speaker.

hether he speaks to one open soul or a sold-out stadium, Dr. Renville brings his enthusiasm, sense of humor and refreshing perspective to delight and enlighten the dimmest of stars. With audiences nationally and internationally, he presents his revelations, insights, philosophy and practical guidance on how to be the best you possible and create well-balanced and maintained authentic and dynamic lives based on tested Kingdom-oriented principles.

Dr. Renville has been afforded many opportunities to convey messages on leadership, authenticity, human relations, women’s empowerment social reconstruction, economic development and innumerable other humanitarian issues based on his thorough research and background in Strategic Organizational Leadership, Human Development, and Governmental Studies. His work in support of the education and leadership of both the corporate and church communities have been acknowledged by many organizations. Don’t allow just anyone to speak to you. Benefit by drinking from an overflowing cup packed with the essential minerals you need to prevail in life. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Let Dr. Renville quench your thirst.


hroughout his young and refined life, Dr. Renville has created quite a name for himself and a legacy for his family. Beyond the walls of the Ecclesiastical area, Renville is making a remarkable difference within the global village by bridging the communication gap between the kingdom of God and the systems of the world by strategically and sustainably exporting the principles, patterns, and protocols of the kingdom of God within THE GLOBAL village AT LARGE.

Renville engages dialogue, facilitates platforms, pioneers’ initiatives, establishes blueprints, and enables several degrees of practical opportunities for individuals to be a part of the global conversation of sustainable development.

Dr. Renville utilizes and displays his ambassadorial and humanitarian assignments through the following offices and appointments:

  • Sought-after empowerment facilitator
  • Television host
  • Featured on local and nationally syndicated television and radio shows such as the Tri-State Christian Television Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and The Word Network.

  • Co-Founder of Goshen Safe Haven Community Development Center, GSHCDC. GSHCDC is an organization with a mission to empower the community with the personal and professional development tools and strategies to achieve their dreams and become successful role models to future generations
  • Human Rights Representative to the United Nations
  • Leadership and Certifying Agent for the President’s Volunteer Service Award Program

Awards & Distinctions

  • iChange Nations’ World Civility Award -2018

  • iChange Nations’ National Statesman Degree – 2018

  • iChange Nations’ Peace Icon Award – Diplomat of The Year – 2019


Are you ready to become transparent, transformed and to transcend? I’ve been waiting just for you. Send me a message today and let’s talk about a few things.