eyond the walls of the Ecclesiastical area, Renville is making a remarkable difference within the global village by bridging the communication gap between the kingdom of God and the systems of the World by strategically and sustainably exporting the principles, patterns, and protocols of the kingdom of God within THE GLOBAL village AT LARGE.

Renville engages dialogue, facilitates platforms, pioneers’ initiatives, establishes blueprints, and enables several degrees of practical opportunities for individuals to be a part of the global conversation of sustainable development.

Dr. Renville utilizes and displays his ambassadorial and humanitarian assignments through the following offices and appointments:

  • Global Ambassador-At-Large and Ecclesiastical Officer under the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council – Non-Governmental Organization.

  • Senior Director of Leadership, Governance and Human Development of the Organization for Poverty Alleviation and Development – UN/USA, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

  • Ecclesiastical and Governance Counselor & Executive Board Member of Phoenix Corporation for Global Development.

  • Educational Representative of United Graduate College & Seminary International.